Welcome to our website. OurĀ goal as a clinic is to relieve your animal’s pain and discomfort through acupuncture and the assistance of herbal medicines. Our office is located in Mount Pleasant, Mich.

A Letter from the Veterinarian:img_1401rt

“I decided togo to acupuncture school to add another modality for treatment options. ‘Another too in our tool box.’ Often chronic disease andĀ pain results in few pharmaceutical options due to age related liver and kidney function; euthanasia is often the result. Acupuncture is an effective treatment to alleviate pain and inflammation without a negative impact on organs.

We have been very successful in helping geriatric patients with chronic conditions such as back disease, arthritis, neuralgic and digestive issues. Their activity level, neural clarity an appetite all improve. Clients
see improvement in their pet and are happy to keep up a wellness regimen. More pet health insurances are recognizing this and covering acupuncture treatment in their policies.”